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Canpol Babies

Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 5/119med
Intended for children under 3 years of age who cannot yet remove excessive discharge, which may cause complications such as cough or ear infection.Its shape is adapted to a shape of the tiny nose, so the aspirator cannot be too deeply inserted. Soft silicone reduces a risk of irritation or injury ..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 78/001
Ultra absorbent postpartum hygienic pads are designed for women in postpartum period. Due to increased absorbency and size, they are perfect for the night and on the first day after the birth.Why you should choose them:CAREFULLY FORMED, ANATOMICAL SHAPEA wide, carefully formed shape and thin s..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 73/003
Superabsorbent hygienic pads suitable for use during postpartum period. Reasons why should you choose them:THIN AND CONTOURED, ANATOMIC SHAPEWide, contoured shape and thin structure provide discreet, comfortable use and effective protection against leaking. BREATHABLEBreathable clothlike ba..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 70_001
Canpol babies bags are used to store fresh milk extracted from the breast in a refrigerator or a freezer. Each bag was thoroughly sterilized, thereby enabling long-term maintenance of the highest quality of food. Bag construction facilitates placing it in an upright position without the risk of spil..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 42_102
Durable, safe and stable, equipped with a clear scale. Bottle comes with anti-colic, round, slow flow (1) silicone teat. Bottle can be subjected to multiple disinfection through cooking in boiling water or in steam sterilizer.NOTE: The Canpol babies brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthie..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 80_003
A set of non-skid bath mats of funny animal shapes protects a baby against slipping when in the bath.Special suction cups fix them to the floor.They can also be installed independently, to make the bath more attractive to the child.Mat dimensions (dimensions of individual mats slightly v..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 80_001
A non-skid mat with suction cups to be used in baby baths, large baths or shower cabinets.Special suction cups fix it to the floor, minimizing a risk of the child slipping or falling when in bath, for safer bathing of your child.To fix the mat correctly, fill the bathtub with water, and then..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 9_431
Practical and comfortable, makes nappy changing easier. Filled with 2 mm thick sponge and trimmed with liner which helps to keep the mat clean.Measurements: 76 x 58,5 cm..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 68_034
Plush squeaker intended for the youngest children. It is light enough to be held by even the youngest child and it makes a funny sound when squeezed.Parrot's wings and monkey's legs serve as teethers.The animal heads are filled with rustling material, and the parrot's head is finished with..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 2_803
Colourful pictures and the sound of the squaker, which appears when you press the book, draw the child's attention and encourage him to learn new things. The toy is easy to keep clean, it can also be used during bathtime.The book is made of safe, durable and non- toxic materials...
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 2_817
Soft, colourful cubes decorated with images of various creatures and objects arouse the child's interest and encourage him to learn. Playing with the cube develops his sense of sight, hearing and motor coordination.Toys are easy to keep clean, they can also be used during bathtime. They are made..
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Brand: Canpol Babies Model: 68_005
Friends from the jungle" is a series of four plush toys with a rattle: elephant, lion, giraffe and tiger. Attractive colors, sounds and shapes attract baby's attention and stimulate his motor coordination and improve his sense of sight and hearing. Rattles are light and pleasant to touch, perfectly ..
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