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Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover
Brand: Neutrogena Model: NA
Description Awaken your senses with Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Removing Creamy Wash. This 150 ml wash melts into a creamy texture to immerse deeper into pores removing dirt, oil and impurities, revealing softer, smoother skin that glows from..
AED 39.62
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Brand: Neutrogena Model: NA
Description Gently swipe your delicate eye area with Neutrogena Deep Clean Eye Makeup Remover. This gentle and effective formula begins to sweep away eye makeup without any rubbing. No dirty makeup stains on beautiful white towels anymore...
AED 31.99
Ex Tax:AED 31.99
Brand: Johnson & Johnson Model: NA
Description Johnson's Pure Cotton Makeup Pads are made from only 100% pure, non chlorine bleached cotton. Pure cotton is naturally soft, absorbent and gentle. Give your skin the gentle, natural care of Johnson's Pure Cotton products. This pack c..
AED 11.24
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Brand: Johnson & Johnson Model: NA
Description Johnson cotton balls are soft and gentle to all skin types. They are perfect for the removal of make up and nail polish. Use to apply oils, powders and lotions to baby's delicate skin. Soft, safe care for cleaning baby's eyes, ears a..
AED 12.53
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