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Brand: Hape Model: E0500
1-2-3 Shape Sorter - EARLY EXPLORER - Drop the shapes into the holes then roll it on its way. - 12M+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E0382
Beetle Walker (Blue) - PUSH & PULL - Now your child can have a car of their own! Whether learning to walk or simply pushing their favourite toys around, your child will love their first road trip in this classic Volkswagen Beetle-style blue walker! - 10M+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E0503
First Pounder - EARLY EXPLORER - Nothing's more fun than hammering these pegs through the holes - except flipping them over and doing it again. Name the colors of each peg. Count how many times it takes to pound the peg through the hole. Use words such as "over" and "through" when describing what ha..
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Brand: Hape Model: E0305
Pound And Tap Bench - EARLY MELODIES - Pounding sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo. Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordinations, and manipulations. Problem Solving: Introduces logic, matching, spatial relationshi..
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Mighty Minis / Pickup Truck
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Brand: Hape Model: E5550
Mighty Minis / Pickup Truck - MADE OF BAMBOO - This eco-friendly bamboo pickup is fueled by pure imagination. - 3Y+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E3124
Tea Set For Two - PLAYFULLY DELICIOUS - Tea time is the perfect time to take a break and talk with a friend (real or stuffed!). Pass the milk, please. Practice the art of conversation by telling stories as you "sip." Invite dolls or stuffed animals to join the party. - 3Y+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E3116
Garden Salad - PLAYFULLY DELICIOUS - Mix, toss, and serve a colorful garden salad. Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity. Social Skills: The basics of communication, cooperation, and collaboration; encourages ..
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Brand: Hape Model: E3151
2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set - PLAYFULLY DELICIOUS - The 2-in-1 Kitchen &Grill Set includes two hotplates that become a grill when turned over, metal pot, pan, lid, spoon and spatula, stove, two hangers, clock and dials. - 3Y+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E4075
Colosseum / Red - SAND TOYS - Rome can't be built in a day. But here's a good way to start. Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity. Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordinations, and manipulatio..
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Brand: Hape Model: E4304
Sack Racer / Blue - OUTDOOR - Jump to the finish line with these colorful, kid-sized sacks. Play with two kids, or in teams. Balance teams of older and younger kids so everyone has an equal chance to win. - 3Y+..
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Hearty Home-Cooked Meal Hearty Home-Cooked Meal
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Brand: Hape Model: E3141
Hearty Home-Cooked Meal - PLAYFULLY DELICIOUS - Chow down with a Hearty Home-Cooked Meal! Cut up the steak and serve it up with a salad, sliced carrots and home fries. Practice setting the table & learn table manners and utensil skills. - 3Y+..
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Brand: Hape Model: E3080
Basic Builder Set - EARLY EXPLORER - This set of 42 pieces and connectors encourages budding carpenters to build...and build some more. Building guide inside. Open-ended building lets kids learn by trial and error. Add extra props to finished pieces to extend the play. - 3Y+..
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